Frequently Asked Questions

What is travel hacking?

Simply stated, travel hacking is using airline rewards points to fly for free. You can break this down into two components: (1) knowing what flight destinations and airlines provide you with the most value for your points and (2) how to earn airline points quickly and easily. We show you how to do both.

Do I need to know a lot about credit cards or free travel?

Sure, being a finance nerd like us would make travel hacking easier for you. But that’s why we built Wall Street Minimalist – Credit Cache! We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of free travel without the hassle of fully understanding the benefits and cautions of travel hacking. Through our Premium dashboard, course videos, materials, and guides, you’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully travel for free. 

Will this hurt my credit score?

Definitely not! Actually, your credit score will probably improve. Since becoming a travel hacker, opening and closing credit cards to fly for free has improved my credit score from 720 to 800. By following our advice, your score will increase simultaneously as you enjoy free travel! And we have a money-back guarantee to back our confidence in improving your score. 

What if I'm a beginner with my finances?

No worries! Most of our subscribers are just starting out with their personal finances. That’s why we’ve provided the videos, guides, and books we created to give you everything you’ll ever need to build your wealth quickly and retire comfortably.

What if I have debt?

Debt isn’t inherently a bad thing. For example, student loans and mortgages are no problem! But if you have debilitating credit card debt, we ask that you please focus on paying this off before signing up for our Premium service. 

What countries do your deals originate from?

Right now, we’re focused on finding you free flights departing from the United States and flying internationally, and we’re really good at it! Rest assured that if you’re located in the United States, we can find you a free flight to almost anywhere in the world. We’re continually working on building out more worldwide departure countries as our subscriber base continues to expand internationally. 

Which destinations do you have available?

Literally everywhere! Practically any country you’re hoping to fly to, we have a free flight deal for you. Upgrade to Premium so you can book your next free vacation and save an average of $1,500 each year on flight expenses.

Can you get me to my dream destination, ________?

We can, and we will! Upgrade to Premium to get all of our free flight deals. Although we can’t confirm we can get you there without knowing where you would like to travel, your dream destination is very likely covered under our Premium subscription. We have free flights for 200+ international airports currently — your bucket list is probably one of them. Upgrade today to start planning for your free flight!

How far in advance will I need to book?

Usually, preparation for booking a free flight should begin about 4 months before you want to fly out. But with points, you can even book your travel within weeks of your desired travel dates. So booking is actually very flexible, anywhere from a couple weeks to an entire year in advance.

Are free flights guaranteed?

The flights you book will always be free (except for the cost of light taxes and fees). However, just like when you’re looking to book a flight with cash, seats on our free flights aren’t always available. However, In our experience with travel hacking we have always found availability. 

What are these fees and taxes you mention?

When you book travel with rewards program points, you will usually have very light expenses starting at $5. Some airlines redirect the cost of taxes and fees to you as the customer and can often reach hundreds of dollars. Our Premium service helps you both find the flights that will require the lowest total points, as well as assist in you in reducing any out-of-pocket taxes and fees you will have to pay. Our homepage shows you some of the incredible deals we have found!

Can I fly for free domestically?

Absolutely! Our main focus right now is getting you free international flights because we have found that most of our subscribers want crazy vacation adventures for free, but domestic flights are coming soon too.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes, unless you decide to cancel before the renewal date. You have the opportunity to cancel your Premium subscription at any time.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full end-of-year money-back guarantee to Premium subscribers. If you do not earn more than $100 in free travel rewards AND if you see a decrease in your credit score, email us for a refund. We’ll let you in on a secret though… this has never happened. Our average Premium subscriber saves $1,500 each year and sees a significant increase in their credit score and general finances. We’re confident you won’t be the first subscriber to prove us wrong.

Can I plan my travel dates with Credit Cache Premium?

Free subscribers will not be able to see how points values change depending on the dates they would like to travel. However, Premium subscribers will see how their travel dates affect the points redemption rate.

Can I cancel whenever? How?

Yes, you can cancel your free subscription by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails, or you can cancel your Premium subscription through the settings panel on the Premium dashboard.

Where do I find your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

Our privacy policy and terms of use are located here: Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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