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3 months is the perfect amount of time to find and book at least one free flight. You pay $30, you save $1,000.

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We built Premium to include every feature a free flights enthusiast would ever want. Having trouble keeping track of your points balances across programs? We've got it. Need help knowing when to cancel a card? Easy.

Average $1,500 Savings Each Year

The average savings per ticket is $800, so you'll quickly earn back the annual subscription cost. The savings really start to add up as you book multiple flights for yourself, friends, and family.

50+ Video Course

Not everyone is a finance nerd. And practically nobody wants to be one. After years of travel hacking, we understand its ins-and-outs and have broken it down into simple, digestible videos. Our course covers maximizing your credit score, personal finance, travel hacking, and so much more!

Supplemental Personal Finance Materials

Is traveling the world for free not enough? Nope. That's why you'll also get our books, guides, and programs for setting up your personal finance system. Everything from budgeting and bank accounts to investing and saving.

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Never miss out on time-sensitive flight deals. These offers can sometimes disappear within 24 hours and can be worth thousands of dollars. No worries, we'll keep you in the loop. You'll be the first to know.

All the FREE flights

We update our database and world map with free flights everyday. Literally anywhere in the world you want to go, we'll help you book your FREE flight to get there. Planning, plotting, earning, and redeeming. We do it all.

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New York to South Africa: $72

(Normally: $1,000)

Los Angeles to Thailand: $44

(Normally: $1,100)

San Francisco to Zurich: $14

(Normally: $950)

Dallas to Tokyo: $90

(Normally: $1,000)

Boston to Maldives: $92

(Normally: $1,500)

New York to Iceland: $79

(Normally: $850)

Houston to Lima: $26

(Normally: $800)

D.C. to Moscow: $17

(Normally: $800)

Salt Lake City to Paris: $84

(Normally: $1,050)

Denver to New Zealand: $18

(Normally: $1,150)

Don't Know Anything About Travel Hacking? Don't Worry!

When I first became a travel hacker enthusiast, I was overwhelmed by the vast amounts of information online. I found myself spending days trying to figure out the best value for my points. What I would have given for Credit Cache Premium then... We've sifted through all of the crap and packaged our extensive travel hacking knowledge into an actionable platform. Most of our subscribers began with absolutely no finance or travel knowledge. But here they are today, traveling the world. You're next.

Stop Searching for Discounted Tickets. Get Them Free.

The worst part about traveling is forking out $1,000 for your flight. The second worst is waiting, praying, and hoping that a sweet discount deal on those tickets will roll through. Quit waiting. Our travel hacking methods guarantee FREE flights, instantly and always. This seems like an obvious choice.

Average Subscriber Saves $1,500 Each Year

With an average yearly savings of $1,500, your subscription pays for itself 15x each year. Did I mention our money-back guarantee? We don't want your hard-earned money if you don't earn more than $100 of value from Premium. No questions asked. 

Our Travel Hacking Subscribers


Dude, first off thank you so much for all the knowledge you share in your emails and through Credit Cache. I've read your books and taken your course, and I am hooked. I've booked so many free flights just this year. Even better, my credit score has improved!

Saved $2,300

Phil & Hannah

Got to say, your stuff is the best. My wife and I got the new cards and are excited for two years of free flights. THANK YOU for showing us! I don't know how you make money with this platform, but I hope you do somehow since the info you give out is VERY valuable.

Saved $4,000

Sara & Michael

We've accumulated a ton of points following your guides. We have booked three separate flights and two nights at a hotel by following along, all for FREE! We even got two free tickets to a Steelers game! We can't wait for more free trips! So thank you :)

Saved $1,800

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